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For any questions please contact the Wine Department at (301) 468-0400

Fresh meat, poultry, fishReady for the grill or ovenHomemade jerky, cold cuts, sausage, smoked meats

For any questions please contact our Butcher department at (301) 468-0400 ext. 112

Delectable tasteHome baked freshnessSatisfies every sweet tooth

For any questions please contact the Bakery Department at(301) 468-0400 ext. 115

Moti's Deli
Gourmet saladsFreshest ingredientsChef's specialties

For any questions please contact the Deli Department at(301) 468-0400 ext. 107

FreshHealthyLocal, organic and from around the world.

Moti's Market prides itself it bringing only the highest quality produce to your kitchens. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonal specialties are all available. Whether mangos from Mexico, jicama from Thailand, fresh mint from Israel or gourds from Ohio, we keep our shelves stocked and ready for your recipes!